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WE DO Renewable Technologies

Solar Wind And Gas Power Systems

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Introducing the first Off Shore Wind Farm in South Africa

We are in the process of converting offshore wind to electricity




Renewable Technologies

Shaina supplies and installs solar and gas products as an alternative.

Solar Power Systems

Apart from this, we supply a wide range of solar products including solar pumps, geysers etc.

Gas Products

We also provides household gas stoves, gas geysers and other domestic and industrial gas products.

Offshore Wind and Current powered turbines

We plan to erect the first offshore African wind farms.

Who We Service?


For commercial and residential distribution

Commercial Offices

This covers corporate sites and Mines.



Hotels & Leisure Centres

Leisure resorts and lodges.

OUR Work

About Us

Who we are

Incorporated in February 2014 (registration number 2014/031787/07) with the shared vision of firstly, providing diverse and environmentally sound energy solutions and secondly, contributing to the local economies and communities in which we operate. Shaina is an independent, innovative and informed supplier of renewable and sustainable energy products. We specialises in providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of corporate, public sector and private clients.

Our Mission

Committed and inspired to create innovative solutions with Excellence and to provide cost effective, proactive, environmentally friendly, energy efficient engineering solutions for diverse markets across the globe.

Our Values

Reliability, Innovation, Honesty, Integrity and Safety.

Motivated by powering and lighting Africa with clean sustainable energy and Investing in efficient Sustainable Energy.

Quality Policy

We are a quality organisation dedicated to being the best renewable energy company in the markets we serve by consistently meeting our customers’ agreed requirements and exceeding their expectations at the most economic cost.

How we do it..

Shaina mission is to provide cost effective, proactive, environmentally friendly, energy efficient engineering solutions for diverse markets across the globe. Such an objective requires Shaina to take a proactive stance towards initial brainstorming and conceptual design, followed through by detailed specification and supported thereafter by careful project monitoring and evaluation.

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Offshore Wind farms

Shaina Energy Group will soon set up the first off shore wind farm in South Africa. Offshore wind energy involves the use of a special breed of wind turbines constructed in the sea or ocean to harvest wind energy. Since there are no wind barriers in open water bodies, there is stronger wind speed offshore compared to onshore.

More Facts

Shaina Energy Group will soon set up Africa’s largest offshore wind farm network. Our first footprint will start in South Africa where we have done research on the most suitable locations for offshore wind farms. Currently, we are assessing the most suitable Wind Turbines. Our assessment is based on effectiveness and durability.

More Facts

In Europe it is estimated that in the first six months of 2016, Europe connected 114 commercial offshore wind turbines with a combined capacity totalling 511 MW. A total of 13 commercial wind farms total capacities of over 4.2 GW were under construction. Motivated by powering and lighting Africa with clean sustainable energy, we believe we can take Africa forward with this technology.

Our Team

Nkululeko Khumalo

Chief Executive Officer

Monique Ten-Brink

Director Administration

Farai Chigavizira

Director Legal

Blessing Wadesango

Director Investor Relations

Pero Surjan

Project Manager

Gamuchirai Mutezo

Energy Development Manager

Bothwell Chabaya

Finance Manager


P.O. Box 926 Bedfordview 2007

69 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg 2008

Call: +27 11 450 2685

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