About Us


Providing Adequate & Affordable Green Energy Solutions to Africa

Shaina Energy Group is an independent, innovative and informed supplier of renewable and green energy solutions.

We specialise in providing energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet the criteria of a wide range of corporate, public sector and private clients.

Our Vision

We aim to make sufficient and cost-effective energy solutions available to our local communities – and Africa as a whole – through the utilisation of renewable resources.

We strive to satisfy the need to make a positive contribution to the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) through clean energy and developing a potential new offshore industry sector as we effectively utilise South Africa’s vast clean energy sources.

Our Mission

We are inspired to light up Africa through renewable energy solutions, which creates a ripple effect on job creation, community upliftment, skills development and educational opportunities. We want to develop an African offshore wind energy hub that will move the continent towards the 4th Industrial Revolution in an effort to transition towards renewable energy.

We have partnered with two European industry leaders in floating offshore wind development and completed a comprehensive pre-feasibility study. Our research indicates a very real and attainable African context for a project of this scale (500MW).

We have hosted information sessions, in collaboration with an undisclosed partnership, on the technologies involved and have a detailed project plan to move forward, including a comprehensive financial/cost breakdown.

Progress for South Africa

The floating offshore wind farm approach has a long list of advantages that will benefit South Africans and the economy. Some of these benefits include:

Job creation
Growth spur for a relatively industry sector to meet industrialisation objectives
Academic collaborations and research opportunities
Specialised skills development